Floor Easels, Large Picture Easels and Stands

Floor display easels are the perfect way to hold signs for special events, artwork that you want to be the focal point of the room, and large photo boards. We carry a varied selection of larger floor easels in sizes and styles to fit in any environment. Fine Home Displays will help you create a unique and eye catching environment in your home or office.
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Product ID: f56000-floor-easel
Floor Easel -  Natural Elements 54"

Price: $264.48
Product ID: f59404-floor-easels
Floor Easel -  Parisian 53" Easel

Price: $178.38
Product ID: TP-19847-floor-easels
Floor Easel -  Parisian 53" Easel - Black Finish

Price: $167.88
Product ID: f58165-floor-easel-stand
Floor Easel -  York 65"


Price: $146.88
Product ID: EAM-67-158-floor-easel
Floor Easel - Adjustable Black Wood 58"

Price: $199.38
Product ID: EAM-66-172-wood-floor-easel
Floor Easel - Adjustable Black Wood 72"

Price: $314.88
Product ID: f55400-floor-easel
Floor Easel - Baldwin Folding


Price: $156.33
Product ID: TP-58800-large-floor-easel
Floor Easel - Extra Large Mahogany Scroll 69"

Price: $230.88
Product ID: f56216
Floor Easel - Keller 24"

Price: $104.88
Product ID: f56217
Floor Easel - Keller 36"

Price: $136.38
Product ID: 56200
Floor Easel - Keller 66"

Price: $225.63
Product ID: TP-20577-floor-easel
Floor Easel - Ladder Style

Price: $209.88
Product ID: TP-20506-floor-easel
Floor Easel - Multi-Picture Adjustable Iron Easel

Price: $246.63
Product ID: EAM-60-355-brass-floor-easel
Floor Easel - Ornate Brass 55" or 71" Tall

Price: $892.38
Product ID: TP-16498-floor-display-easel
Floor Easel - Regal 58" - Black & Silver Finish

Price: $178.38
Product ID: EAM-924b-large-iron-easel
Plate Easels -  Large Iron Easels

Price: $136.38