Light Bases, Lighted Risers

Looking for that added excitement for your glass display? Light bases truly enhance any collectible crystal, art glass or glass paperweights you may have on display. Floral arrangements and table centerpieces come to life with a bit of added lighting provided by a lighted riser. If you are seeking a bit of extra drama for your display, you've found it!
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Product ID: APR-221-color-rotating-display
Battery Turntable - Economical - Colored Lights

Price: $36.89
Product ID: APR-221-rotating-display
Battery Turntable - Economical - White Lights

Price: $45.89
Product ID: APR-B07BB
Display Light - Cylinder

Price: $42.89
Product ID: APR-B08SJ-display-light
Display Light - Tapered Night Light

Price: $42.89
Product ID: BBD-582-light-base
Light Base - LED Crystal

Price: $46.89
Product ID: BBD-550-wood-light-base
Light Base - Solid Wood

Price: $48.89
Product ID: BBD-552-wood-light-bases
Light Base - Solid Wood

Price: $49.89
Product ID: BBD-582-light-bases-set
Light Bases - LED Crystal - Set of 3

Price: $79.89
Product ID: APR-B074V-mini-light-bases
Light Bases - Mini Set of 4 with Remotes

Price: $42.89
Product ID: APR-B01M9-10-inch-lighted-turntable
Turntable Display - Black LED 10 inch - 20 Pound

Price: $74.89
Product ID: APR-B01M5-10-inch-lighted-turntable
Turntable Display - White LED 10 inch - 20 Pound

Price: $74.89