Egg Stands and Egg Holders

Crystal balls, decorative eggs, witch balls, art glass orbs....if these are some of the collectibles you own, you owe it to yourself to check out our collection of egg stands, decorative egg holders, crystal ball displays and sphere holders. These beautiful pieces deserve to be on display! Pair with a glass dome or curio display case to keep your pieces protected and dust free!
Product ID: 42-0640
Antique Gray Egg Stands for Larger Eggs

Price: $7.89
Product ID: 42-0844brd
Brass Egg and Sphere Stands

Price: $8.89
Product ID: ADE-45-0004-caliper-stand
Caliper Display Stand - Gold Plated Brass

Price: $32.89
Product ID: ADE-45-0004np-caliper-stand
Caliper Display Stand - Nickel Plated

Price: $35.89
Product ID: 42-0850brdeggstands
Classic Egg Stands

Price: $5.89
Product ID: ADE-42-0802-acrylic-ring
Clear Cylindrical Egg & Ball Stands - Set of 6

Price: $21.89
Product ID: 42-0650brdeggstands
Designer Egg Stands

Price: $5.89
Product ID: 42-0830brdbrasseggstands
Larger Brass Egg and Sphere Stands

Price: $17.89
Product ID: JLA-251-acrylic-dimple-block
Lucite Egg and Ball Holders - Dozen Pack Size

Price: $58.89
Product ID: 42-0800brd
Silver Multiple Egg Holders

Price: $12.89
Product ID: TP-243brd-egg-stand
Tulip Shaped Egg Stands - Set of 12

Price: $35.89
Product ID: 42-0890brd
Wire Egg Stands

Price: $5.89

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