Party Table Displays, Serveware, Serveware Sets for Entertaining

Let Fine Home Displays show you how you can use display accessories, and items you already own to create the perfect dinner party table display, birthday party display or any party display! From mirror table runners, to glass domes and bell jars, to display easels and buffet serveware, we have all the display accessories you need to create the perfect look for your special event or get together!
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Product ID: SPI-21039-metal-side-table
Accent Table - Metal Honeycomb Pattern

Price: $749.89
Product ID: SPI-21005-metal-side-table
Accent Table - Metal Lattice Work

Price: $298.89
Product ID: SPI-21003-metal-side-table
Accent Table - Metal Tree & Lattice

Price: $298.89
Product ID: SPI-33822-candle-holder
Candelabra - Rustic Branch Candle Holder


Price: $219.89
Product ID: PKD-23-664-wire-cloche-set
Cloches - Wire Bird Cage Set with Pedestal Bases

Price: $114.89
Product ID: TP-16426-tiered-riser-display
Display Risers - Three Tier Wooden Tray Stand

Price: $199.89
Product ID: TDD-4053-display-riser
Display Tray - Wrought Iron and Wood Riser Tray

Price: $173.89
Product ID: TP-16586-lighted-tree-set
Display Tree - Small Lighted White Birch- Set of 3, 4 or 5

Price: $149.89
Product ID: BBD-380-bell-jar-dome
Glass Dome -  Bell Jar Cloche - Various Sizes

Price: $89.89
Product ID: bd-357-glass-dome
Glass Dome - Large Bell Jar Cloche - 11 1/2 x 16" H


Price: $278.89
Product ID: bd-356-glass-dome
Glass Dome - Medium Bell Jar Cloche - 9" x 15" H


Price: $171.89
Product ID: bd-355-glass-dome
Glass Dome - Small Bell Jar Cloche - 8" x 12" H


Price: $119.89
Product ID: TT12T-display-turntables
Glass Lazy Susan Turntable - 12" or 14"

Price: $135.89
Product ID: TT18T-turntable-display
Glass Lazy Susan Turntable - 24"

Price: $264.89
Product ID: CFY-23-2080-mirror-table-runner
Mirror Displays - 3 Piece Table Runner Beveled Edge

Price: $92.89
Product ID: CFY-546A-mirror-placemat-set
Mirror Displays - Octagon Elongated Placemat - Set of 4

Price: $240.89
Product ID: CFY-546A-mirror-placemat
Mirror Displays - Octagon Elongated Placemat Beveled Edge

Price: $71.89
Product ID: BB508-A-large-round-mirror
Mirror Displays - Round - Large 5mm

Price: $62.89
Product ID: CFY-548A-large-square-mirror-display
Mirror Displays - Square - Large 5mm

Price: $46.89
Product ID: 36575
Mirror Pedestal Risers - Set of 4 Mirror Cubes

Price: $264.89
Product ID: 640-45m
Plate Holders -  Wrought Iron Mini Hanger and Easel

Price: $24.89
Product ID: 56265
Plate Stand - Keller 3 Place Tiered Swivel

Price: $59.89
Product ID: TP-56265-tiered-plate-display-set
Plate Stand - Keller Tiered Swivel Stands - Set of 3

Price: $169.89
Product ID: SPI-34425-serving-stand
Raised Serving Tray - Bear with Embellished Tray

Price: $539.89
Product ID: SPI-50979-table-server
Table Server - Iron & Glass Octopus Tray

Price: $199.89
Product ID: 759Tbrd
Tacky Wax 6 oz. Tub - Anti Sliding Adhesive

Price: $66.89
Product ID: CWH-336-wine-display-dome
Wine Display -  Glass Dome 5-1/2" x 13"H

Price: $82.89
Product ID: CWH-359-wine-display-dome
Wine Display - Glass Dome 10" x 15"H Multi Bottle

Price: $289.89
Product ID: TDD-577B-wine-holder
Wine Rack - Eight Bottle Carousel with Bucket

Price: $165.89