Candle Holders, Candelabras, Candle Sconces, Footed Hurricanes

With our new collection of candle holders for single and multiple candles, you can add instant drama to any room in your home!
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Product ID: SPI-33822-candle-holder
Candelabra - Rustic Branch Candle Holder


Price: $219.89
Product ID: SPI-34067-candle-holder
Candle Holder - Octopus 5 Place Candelabra

Price: $189.89
Product ID: SPI-33715-candelabra
Candle Holder - Rustic Antler Votive Candelabra

**NEW ITEM!!**

Price: $215.89
Product ID: TP-56275-candle-holder
Candle Holders - Keller - Set of 2

Price: $164.89
Product ID: SPI-34066-candle-lantern
Candle Holders - Octopus Lantern

Price: $249.89
Product ID: SPI-33015-candle-holder
Candle Holders - Rustic Pinecone Mantlepiece


Price: $211.89
Product ID: SPI-34745-candleholder
Candleholder - Octopus Lantern

Price: $390.89
Product ID: SPI-34257-yard-lantern
Patio Lantern - Frog & Bird


Price: $244.89