Thimble and Platform Domes with Shelves

If you've got a collection of small figurines or thimbles, Fine Home Displays has the glass thimble dome or platform dome for you! We've even got a selection of thimble display cases that hang on the wall and are can also hold small figurines and vintage toy displays. Check us out on Pinterest for tons of ideas on displaying the collectibles you love!
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Product ID C-1004-vintage-toy-case
Acrylic Shelved Display Case


Price: $106.89
Product ID JLA-HXW2-acrylic-display-case
Curio Case - Acrylic Rotating Shelved Display Case with Lock

Price: $349.89
Product ID JLA-305-3P-shelved-dome
Glass Platform Dome - 4" x 7"

Price: $54.89
Product ID JLA-335-3P-platform-dome
Glass Platform Dome - 5 1/2" x 11"

Price: $89.89
Product ID JA-343-3P
Glass Platform Dome - 8" x 12"

Price: $159.89
Product ID JLA-305-TP-thimble-display
Glass Thimble Dome - 4" x 7"

Price: $61.89
Product ID JLA-335-TP-thimble-dome
Glass Thimble Dome - 5 1/2" x 11"

Price: $89.89
Product ID DC-798-cleaning-polish-kit
Plastic Polish - Two Ounce Set

Price: $37.89
Product ID SF2105
Thimble Cabinets - 100 Openings

Price: $108.89
Product ID SF2005
Thimble Cabinets - 59 Openings

Price: $79.89
Product ID JLA-335-thim-acrylic-thimble-insert
Thimble Insert for 5 1/2" x 11" Dome - 5 Shelf

Price: $42.89