Display Cases -  Plastic Doll Covers with Stand
Product ID: CWH-80-0100-doll-case

Display Cases - Plastic Doll Covers with Stand

More attractive than clear plastic bags, these plastic doll cases are an economical way to store, protect and display your collectible dolls. Each case includes an adjustable doll stand that is removable if you don't want to use it. Although the top is separate from the sides of the case, both are constructed of a flexible plastic, much like the kind that new dolls often are packaged in, while the base is a solid black plastic. The base has a small hole which holds the doll stand in place should you choose to use it. Because the top and bottom are separate and they are flexible plastic, these ship collapsed in a flat box, and can be re-flattened for storage.

Also available in money saving bulk sets of 6 cases
Price: $48.18
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- 8/27/2017

Wish I had read description better but this was the cheapest and closest display case that I could find for the size of my doll. Didn't realize it was going to be so cheap and flimsy. It doesn't stand completely straight. Bows inward at the top on one side. The case is also taller than 19" that I thought it was to be so it is taller than I need. Very unhappy. Wish I just would have spent the money on a nicer one.

Response from Fine Home Designs & Displays
Angela, We are sorry you are dissatisfied with the case. These are the least expensive cases that we offer, and the plastic they are made of is similar to the plastic cases that dolls are packaged in at a store. They are really meant for storage and not display. However, in a pinch, they can display an item, and as an added feature, do come with a stand that you can attach to the base. We find that most of our customers prefer our custom built glass or acrylic cases though. Thank you for sharing your feedback!


- 8/3/2017

I ordered this item a few years ago, and was so happy that it fit my very rare and unusual sitting doll! Buying a glass case (price wise) was astronomical for the size of doll it is, so this option was a blessing. I do highly recommend this company and the product. Shipping was quick and no problems. :)

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