Challenge Coin Case - Four Coin Display
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Challenge Coin Case - Four Coin Display

Our newest addition to our line of challenge coin displays, this Nimbus style coin display case is a wonderful way to enjoy those prized challenge coins on full display. Up to four capsuled coins are held in place by two flexible silicone membranes which make the challenge coin appear to be "levitating" in the frame. These membranes will conform to the shape of the coins when the coins are inside clear capsules, and they will stay in place even when the case is hung on a wall. This allows the coins to be viewed from the front or back. Challenge coins are usually decorated in detail on both sides of the coin....and here is the perfect solution for viewing both sides easily and without disturbing the coins! Plus, these frames are 100% acid and sulfur free, so they are perfect for preserving your treasures. Frame opens up by way of a magnetic flap. Once the flap is raised, the frame folds in half revealing the silicone membranes. Simply lay the coins on one of the membranes, close the frame, and voila.....instant display! Frame interior measures 6" x 6" x 1¼", while exterior measures 7¼" x 7¼" x 1 3/16" and is available in a rich black finish. A perfect gift for a military service member or law enforcement officer who is retiring, being promoted, or receiving some type of honor. This coin display case will be treasured for many years to come!

Note: Coins pictured measure 1¾" in diameter. Coins not included. If using with coins, we recommend putting your coins in capsules for the best result.
Price: $79.89
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