Risers, Tiered Displays and Platforms

FHD offers a variety of platform and tiered display risers made of wood, metal, mirrors and more.
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Product ID: SPI-21039-metal-side-table
Accent Table - Metal Honeycomb Pattern

Price: $749.89
Product ID: SPI-21005-metal-side-table
Accent Table - Metal Lattice Work

Price: $298.89
Product ID: SPI-21003-metal-side-table
Accent Table - Metal Tree & Lattice

Price: $298.89
Product ID: PKD-797-40-accent-stool
Display Furniture - Pinecone with Red Stool

Price: $139.89
Product ID: HMT-88068-0-display-riser
Display Riser - Reclaimed Wood and Slate

Price: $364.89
Product ID: TP-16440-display-risers
Display Risers - Distressed Shelves - Set of 6

Price: $687.89
Product ID: HMT-50023-galvanized-display-risers
Display Risers - Galvanized Pedestals - set of 3 sizes

Price: $148.89
Product ID: HMT-2747-0-wood-display-riser-set
Display Risers - Salvaged Wood Riser Set

Price: $449.89
Product ID: TP-16426-tiered-riser-display
Display Risers - Three Tier Wooden Tray Stand

Price: $199.89
Product ID: TDD-4053-display-riser
Display Tray - Wrought Iron and Wood Riser Tray

Price: $173.89
Product ID: 36575
Mirror Pedestal Risers - Set of 4 Mirror Cubes

Price: $264.89
Product ID: 54-0008
Wood Bases - Various Shapes

Price: $45.89