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Celebrating the Moms in your Life

May means it's time for Mother's Day and it's never to early to get ready to celebrate the Moms in your life! It may be a trite saying, but being a Mother is truly the toughest, most under appreciated, and yet, the most rewarding job a person can have. Really, this holds true for being a Dad too, or any type of parental figure in a child's life, but let's focus on Moms. Mother's Day is the one day of the year, that Moms across the USA are celebrated for everything they do for their families.

So how did you celebrate your Mom? And if you are a Mom reading this, how does your family celebrate you? Perhaps you are served breakfast in bed. Or perhaps, the children in your family do all of the chores for the day. Maybe some lucky Moms even get treated to a "spa day"!

And then there are the gifts that Moms receive on their special day.  Often, children make wonderful gifts that, while they may not be valuable to anyone else, to Mom, they are priceless. Take that wonderful drawing, for instance.

A common Mom to display that artwork?

Or how about a beautiful sculpture....

Or two....

Of course, adult children also get their Moms wonderful gifts for Mother's Day.  For the Mother who collects tea cups and saucers, it can be fun to find that spectacular addition to her collection.

These look good enough to eat!

The same holds true for plates...there are some real beauties out there.


And of course, you can really never go wrong with the gift of jewelry! Who doesn't appreciate a nice necklace, or pretty bracelet to add to her collection?

Well Moms, now that you have your gifts, you need a way to display and protect them! After all, your darling family has given you a memento or two to celebrate all that you have contributed to their lives, so why not display them, to remind you of the people who love you, and of course, who you love.

For any artwork on paper, a Nimbus Case would do the trick!

Nimbus cases can hold flat or 3 D objects!

And for an individual original piece of your child's sculpture, a glass dome would make for quite a conversation piece!

Ben Franklin thinks it's smart to protect your art work!

Of course, if you have quite a collection of sculpture from your child/children, a Shelved Glass Display Case may be a better option.

A shelved case is perfect for displaying collectibles

Come to think of it, a cup and saucer collection would look pretty sweet in that display case too! But, if you like a more traditional display, Fine Home Displays has many options from which to choose! From cup and saucer hangers to cup and saucer stands, we have something to suit your needs.

These hangers and stand
are made in the USA!

If you have received any kind of collectible or decorative plate for Mother's Day, then Fine Home Displays is THE place for you! We have one of the best (if not the best) selection of plate racks, hangers and stands available on the web. From invisible plate hangers (think plate wires, or adhesive plate hangers) to traditional 
plate racks or plate easels, we have what you need!

Any plate would look great in this!
Got a collection of plates?
Maybe a stand is more your style.

If your wonderful family has chosen to indulge your love of jewelry, you might think we'd suggest a jewelry box for you....but nothing could be further from our minds! We have some really creative ideas when it comes to organizing and displaying your jewelry! So many ideas, that we will have to write a separate post all about it. But let us leave you with a few images to get you started thinking about how you might enjoy your jewelry even when you are not wearing it!

Jewelry Display Tree
A beautiful display tree on its own! But great for displaying jewelry!
Jewelry Display Tree
This display tree features a nest and bowl for rings and bracelets!

So Moms, we hope you enjoy a wonderful Mother's Day. And we hope the spirit of love and appreciation that you feel on your special day is experienced throughout the year!

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