Creative Expressions - Lapis Lazuli Pendant - Copper Wire
Product ID: CXP-1000-lapis-lazuli-copper-pendant

Creative Expressions - Lapis Lazuli Pendant - Copper Wire




4.5cm X 2.75cm

This gorgeous pendant features a vibrant blue, green lapis lazuli stone. At first glance, you may make out something like a heart-shaped planet Earth cascading with loops, braids, and weaves. The mixed metal coil running along the outside of the stone draws the eye into the sparkly, earthly shimmer of the lapis.

Lapis Lazuli is characterized by profound serenity and is said to be a key to spiritual attainment. Wear this stone around your neck and feel a deeper sense of self brought about by its inner harmonizing qualities. A powerful thought amplifier, lapis lazuli stimulates higher faculties of the mind, and is also said to alleviate migraine headaches. Also helpful in overcoming depression, boosting the immune system, and alleviating insomnia and vertigo.
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