Yard, Patio, Garden Sculptures and Wall Plaques

Make your outdoor space another living area of your home by adding garden sculpture and wall hangings.
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Product ID: SPI-21039-metal-side-table
Accent Table - Metal Honeycomb Pattern

Price: $699.89
Product ID: SPI-21005-metal-side-table
Accent Table - Metal Lattice Work

Price: $259.89
Product ID: SPI-21003-metal-side-table
Accent Table - Metal Tree & Lattice

Price: $268.89
Product ID: SPI-34263-wall-clock-thermometer
Garden Clock & Thermometer - Busy Bees

Price: $129.89
Product ID: SPI-33761-garden-clock-thermometer
Garden Clock & Thermometer - Celestial Sun & Moon

Price: $139.89
Product ID: SPI-34284-garden-clock-thermometer
Garden Clock & Thermometer - Let Your Garden Grow

Price: $129.89
Product ID: SPI-34559-garden-clock-thermometer
Garden Clock & Thermometer - Under the Sea

Price: $129.89
Product ID: SPI-34550-garden-planter
Garden Planter - Frog Family with Wagon

Price: $245.89
Product ID: SPI-34261-garden-planter
Garden Planter - Helpful Garden Frog

Price: $185.89
Product ID: SPI-34146-frog-planter
Garden Planter - Wheel Barrow Frog and Birds

Price: $289.89
Product ID: SPI-34544-garden-sculpture
Garden Sculpture - Bunnies' First Dance

Price: $159.89
Product ID: SPI-34211-frog-yard-sculpture
Garden Sculpture - Card Playing Frogs


Price: $459.89
Product ID: SPI-34538-frog-yard-sculpture
Garden Sculpture - Frog with Harp Windchime

Price: $154.89
Product ID: SPI-31830-wall-plaque
Garden Wall Plaque - Moon & Star

Price: $194.89
Product ID: SPI-34042-wall-plaque
Garden Wall Plaque - Sun, Moon & Stars

Price: $145.89
Product ID: SPI-34214-lawn-sculpture
Lawn Sculpture - Scooter Bunny

Price: $159.89
Product ID: SPI-34406-planter
Planter Holder - Wall Hanging Octopus with Four Pots

Price: $379.89
Product ID: SPI-34560-wall-plaque
Wall Art - Octopus and Ships Wheel Plaque

Price: $309.89
Product ID: SPI-34283-garden-sculpture
Yard Sculpture - Vacationing Frog Couple


Price: $415.89