Fireplace Screens and Hearth Decor

Fireplace screens, mantle hooks, candle lanterns and more - everything you need to dress up the hearth in your home!
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Product ID: SPI-34066-candle-lantern
Candle Holders - Octopus Lantern

Price: $259.89
Product ID: PKD-797-41-accent-bench
Display Furniture - Pinecone with Red Bench

Price: $251.89
Product ID: PKD-797-40-accent-stool
Display Furniture - Pinecone with Red Stool

Price: $139.89
Product ID: SPI-33488-fireplace-screen
Fireplace Screen - Bird and Branch

Price: $499.89
Product ID: SPI-33791-fireplace-screen
Fireplace Screen - Flock of Cranes

Price: $699.89
Product ID: SPI-55321-fireplace-screen
Fireplace Screen - Provincial Triple Panel

Price: $639.89
Product ID: SPI-31765-fireplace-screen
Fireplace Screen - Rustic Pinecone

Price: $489.89