Bird Feeders and Bird Baths

Our selection of bird feeders and bird baths will bring the birds of your neighborhood to your backyard oasis!
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Product ID: SPI-34425-end-table
Accent Table - Bear End Table with Embellishment

Price: $499.89
Product ID: SPI-33549-ArtTrio-Chicken-Pig-Cow
American Folk Art Trio - Chicken, Pig, Cow

Price: $181.89
Product ID: SPI-41026-birdbath-sundial
Birdbath - Bird & Twig Sundial

Price: $223.89
Product ID: SPI-33563-birdbath
Birdbath - Cool Bathing Frog

Price: $199.89
Product ID: SPI-50993-birdfeeder
Birdfeeder - Bunny & Best Friend

Price: $223.89
Product ID: SPI-33739-bird-feeder
Birdfeeder - Gossiping Birds Double

Price: $404.89
Product ID: SPI-34049-bird-feeder
Birdfeeder - Winged Pig

Price: $199.89