You've got the plates, and you've got the how do you actually get everything on display?

How to Hang your Collectible Plates

We just came across this really helpful post from Martha Stewart, home decorating guru, about how to actually hang your plates using plate wires or really any other kind of invisible plate hangers.

Tools you'll need to hang your plates

This is an in depth tutorial that even includes all the tools you will need to hang your plates.

Use kraft paper to mark your plate places on the wall!

Just in case this is the way you decide to use invisible plate hangers for your plates, we thought we'd post a link to Martha's tutorial here. She even includes a video! The video features how to use Invisible Self Stick Disc Hangers.

So Happy Plate Hanging! We'd love to see photos of your finished plate hanging project. Just post them to our Facebook Page! And check out our page while you're there to get some coupon codes just for our fans!

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