Choosing your Plate Holder Size

"How do I know what size plate hanger/plate easel/plate frame to use for my plate?"

This is a question we hear A LOT at Fine Home Displays. So we thought we'd take some time to explain exactly how you figure out which size plate frame, plate rack/hanger or plate easel to select for your precious plate.

The most important thing is to measure your plate correctly and accurately. In order to do that, you'll need a tape measure, and a flat surface to lay your plate on. Lay your plate flat on the surface, and stretch your tape measure across the center of your plate.

This plate measures in at 8 1/2" in diameter

This is the most valuable piece of information when selecting a display accessory for your plate. Once you have this, the rest is as easy as sifting through the many options and styles we have available for you! At Fine Home Displays, we are sure to include the specific sizes of plates that our plate frames and plate racks & hangers will accommodate. One caveat is for a specific type of plate hanger, and that is plate wires or wire plate hangers. For this type of hanger, you may want to consider the depth of the plate as well. A deep plate's edge may be a couple of inches from a tabletop when the plate is at rest on a flat surface. Since this type of hanger stretches across the back of your plate,

Now you can see how plate wire magic works!

you may want to measure from one lip or edge of your plate around the back to the lip/edge on the other side.

This plate measures 9" across the back

On the plate shown, which isn't very deep, you can see that this measurement isn't really necessary, since the "around the back" measurement is only 1/2" smaller than the diameter. But on a larger plate that is 2+" deep, this measurement may mean going up a size in plate wires.

Many of our plate easels & stands are available in various sizes for each style. If that's the case, we often include plate size guidelines in the option bar. But for some styles, there is no guideline listed. If that's the case, we do have a general rule that you can follow when trying to select a size. We generally say that a plate stand should be at least 3/4" of the height of the item you are displaying. So if you have a 10" plate, you will want a stand that is at least 7 1/2" tall. Or if you have a 12" plate, you will want a stand that is at least 9" tall. You can always go with a larger stand too. So a 10" plate would look great on a stand that measures 10" tall. Or sometimes, you may like a decorative easel that is much taller than the diameter of your plate so the scrolls and detail show along with your plate.

The scrolls on this easel contrast with the geometric design on the plate it holds...Pretty!

I have this 8 1/2" plate on an easel that is 9" tall, even though that easel is designed to hold larger plates, and it looks great!

So happy to display this Egyptian plate!

So there you have it. Hopefully, this makes it a little bit easier for you to wade through our huge selection of display options for your plates! But no worries...if you would like some assistance, Fine Home Displays is happy to help! Just use our Contact Us form on our website and send us an email!

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