Sizing Needed for Display Case or Glass Dome

How Do I Choose the Right Display Case or Glass Dome?

When you have a few special pieces that you would like to put on display, it can make shopping for the perfect display accessory to complement your treasure a bit tough!

We've had many customers tell us that they feel overwhelmed when they find Fine Home Displays and see just how many types and sizes of shadow box cases, display cases and glass domes we have available!


Shadow Boxes,

And Cases! Oh My!

But our great service doesn't stop with the huge selection we have of glass display cases, glass display domes, wood trim display cases and shadow boxes...we really pride ourselves on helping you find the display case or dome that will truly enhance the collectible or piece of art that you would like to display.

You'll see in the product descriptions on our site for these items that we typically recommend at least 1.5" - 2" of clearance on all sides of the item you want to display for glass domes and cases. This may seem like a lot of space, but this is really the minimum to allow. There are a couple of factors that come into play here. First, on glass display domes and glass or acrylic display cases, you have to take the thickness of the glass into account. This thickness is typically 3/8". Then, on glass display domes, and glass or acrylic cases that will be resting on a base, you also have to consider the depth of the groove that the glass sits in. This can be up to 1/4".

Wow! That really is a lot to take into consideration. You may even want to allow for more than our recommended amounts of space around your item to display. Take a look at some examples. Here is an item that has plenty of clearance space around it inside this glass dome.

This statue has plenty of room which creates a pleasant
viewing experience

While there is quite a bit of space around this figurine, it actually enhances the viewing experience. The first thing you notice as you look is the piece itself. Then you notice the elegant dome. The larger dome in this case really complements the collectible inside of it.

By contrast, take a look at this picture of an item with not quite as much room to breathe inside it's display dome.

A tight fit for this globe!

Although "do-able", this dome is a bit small to appropriately house this beautiful globe. What you notice first about the display is that the globe is almost hitting the top of the dome, rather than the jeweled beauty of the globe. The best way to put it is that this dome almost detracts from the object on display rather than complementing it, because the sizing is what catches your eye, rather than the item itself.

You can use this same guideline with square, rectangular and octagonal display cases. Set up your display on a piece of paper, add 1.5" - 2" (or more) to all sides of the display, and draw the size case you want around it. If you want a dome, draw a circle...if you'd like a square case, draw a square....etc. That will give you a good idea of how large the case will actually be, and how the amount of space around the object will look. Don't forget to consider the height! With domes, remember that the dome starts to curve in about 2/3 of the way up the height, so if your display is wide at the top, you may have to go with a taller dome. With display cases, remember that the edges at the top can interfere with viewing the objects inside if the case is not tall enough. The bare minimum here is 1.5", but we would recommend closer to 2.5" - 3" of clearance at the top.

An exception to this spacing rule would be if you are filling a dome or case with a collection of objects like buttons, seashells, pebbles or the like, as in the photo at the top of the post. These types of displays are meant to be sort of a collage of objects, and actually look very cool when there are as many objects as possible inside the case or dome.

As for shadow box displays, the thickness of the wood trim of the case must be taken into account for the length and width measurements, and then the thickness of the backing and the foam inside the case for the depth measurement. You will notice in all of our item descriptions, we list the interior dimensions for your convenience. So it is quite easy for you to decide whether your item will fit inside the case. However, you still may want a little bit of clearance on the length and width dimensions in order to get the best look for your display. For the depth measurement, it is always better to have the case be a little too deep, rather than too shallow. You can always put a bit more padding into a case that is too deep to ensure the perfect fit for your item, but you can't make a case that is too shallow any deeper. Take a look at a few of these displays to get an idea of spacing.

Great ideas for shadow box displays!

Even with this information, the idea of selecting the right size case for your collectible, artwork or craft item may seem daunting. No worries! We are happy to help you...just contact us and let us know what you'd like to display, and what the size of the display is. Then we can make some suggestions for you, and you can select what you think will suit your needs.

Of course, much of this is quite subjective. There are some people who prefer even more space around their collectibles inside of a case, while others prefer a very close fit. Our suggestions and "minimum" spacing requirements are recommendations that will ensure that your item or items will fit well into the case. When you call or email us, we will be sure to take your preferences into consideration when coming up with case and dome sizing.

Ultimately, Fine Home Displays wants to help you enjoy and protect the collectibles and treasured pieces that you have invested in over the years.

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