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 Stocking Hanger Stand - Decorative Wrought Iron
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Product ID: MDS8VWI-stocking-hanger-stand
Stocking Hanger Stand - Decorative Wrought Iron


Not sure how to hang those Christmas stockings when you've got no mantle? Even if you do have a mantle, this stocking hanger stand is a great way to hang up to 16 Christmas stockings, with one on each arm! Made here in the US of sturdy wrought iron with a black powder coated finish, it will hold even the heaviest stockings! When this floor stocking hanger is not in use during the holidays to hold Santa's stockings, this works wonderfully as a cold weather gear drying station! Can hold up to 8 pair of boots or mittens...not to mention scarves and hats. Measures 12" wide and 39" tall. Comes in two pieces for shipping...easy assembly by screwing the base on. Available with your choice of designs on top:
Price: $89.89


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 Stocking Hooks - Palm Trees

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 Stocking Hooks - Pine Cones

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Price: $29.89
Product ID: 055-308
 Stocking Hooks - Pine Tree Stream

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Product ID: 055-331
 Stocking Hooks - Pine Trees

Price: $29.89
Product ID: 055-403
 Stocking Hooks - Praying Cowboy

Price: $29.89

Product ID: 055-428
 Stocking Hooks - Santa

Price: $29.89
Product ID: 055-416
 Stocking Hooks - Skier

Price: $29.89

Product ID: 055-429
 Stocking Hooks - Snowman

Price: $29.89
Product ID: 055-223
 Stocking Hooks - Texas Star

Price: $29.89

Product ID: 055-349
 Stocking Hooks - Whitetail Deer

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Product ID: f22-858xg-stocking-holder
Stocking Holders - Pine Cone - Gold

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Product ID: f22-801-stocking-hangers
Stocking Holders - Simple Bar

Price: $11.89

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